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The word “BONSAI” is a Japanese term which, literally translated, means “planted in a container”. This art form is derived from an ancient Chinese horticultural practice, part of which was then redeveloped under the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism. BOND-AI comes from BONSAI, our flagship product PALM, is planted within a smart container creating accumulative bonding with global markets. And "PALM" trees are generally the easiest bonsai plants to care for because they are drought resistant and do well in many types of climates.

Prop Research

We are a proprietary research firm that develops systematic and algorithmic trading strategies for cryptos, currencies, futures, equities, ETFs and cash markets. The company has core expertise in self-adaptive systems, risk management, and robust design. Headed by a Quant with over 30 years of experience, we provide services to hedge funds, family offices, commercial hedgers, and individual traders.

Bespoke Solutions

We offer proprietary research services in the areas of risk management, trend following, mean reversion, and pattern recognition models. Trend following models trade in a diversified portfolio of markets and take advantage of short, intermediate, and long term price trends. Mean reversion models have a negative correlation to the core strategy, trend following, which makes them a valuable diversification instrument.


  1. Ockham’s Razor: Given any two solutions to the same problem, all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.

  2. Red Queen’s Race: Organisms must constantly evolve to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing organisms in an ever-changing environment.

  3. Popper’s Demarcation: Statements or systems of statements, in order to be ranked as scientific, must be capable of conflicting with possible, or conceivable observations.


  1. Asset Allocation
  2. Adaptive Trading Strategies
  3. Risk Management
  4. Robust Design
  5. End-to-end Architecture

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